Welcome to Dentica Sibiu Dental Clinic

We welcome you with a big smile and, together, we will go on the path of orofacial health. As part of our approach, we will formulate a diagnosis during our first meeting, followed by a treatment solution-plan.

Out of the wish to satisfy your requirements, our recommendation will materialize in multidisciplinary treatments provided by the team of our clinic.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


Dr. Ștefan Camelia
Dr. Ștefan CameliaSenior Dentist
Dr. Mihai Marius Cătălin
Dr. Mihai Marius CătălinPeriodontology Specialist (Periodontal Surgery and Microsurgery)
Dr. Ani Luminița
Dr. Ani LuminițaDentist
Dr. Bucur Florin
Dr. Bucur FlorinSpecialist Dentist - Endodontics
Dr. Lupu Mihaela
Dr. Lupu MihaelaLaser therapy dentist
Dr. Cunțan Laura
Dr. Cunțan LauraSpecialist in orthodontics and dento-facial orthopaedics
Dr. Enache Raluca
Dr. Enache RalucaDental prosthetics specialist


As an object of activity, our clinic provides medical-dental and surgical care for dental problems, dental aesthetic, functional and mastication restorations. Furthermore, we broaden the range of services through oro-dental surgeries (laborious extractions, apical resections, cystectomies); modern methods of oral implantology (sinus lift surgery, bone augmentation, and removal, etc.) are found at a high level both in terms of surgery, and in terms of prosthetics, being at the same time a topic-hobby of study for our doctors.


Discover the dental offices where you will benefit from the best dentist solutions and treatments

Personalized treatment plan

Dentica Dental Clinic patients benefit, each and everyone, from a careful medical condition analysis, as well as appropriate recommendations of treatment and costs alike.

Dedicated dentists

We brought together in Dentica Dental Clinic Team specialist dentists that will cover, to the highest quality, every step of any dental treatment you have opted for.

Trusted partners

We use only the best supplies for our dental clinic solutions. We work with renowned, experienced partners for the auxiliary services such as radiology, implantology etc.